Letter to the Faculty of Arts

To whom it may concern,

The Arts Students Association (ASA) feels concerned on how things were tackled for those promoted second year students within the Faculty of Arts.  Online registration confused some students.  During the past few weeks we have received an amount of complaints from students when enrolling registration on e-sims.  Many students felt that it was better that they first choose whether they are going to continue their studies as Honours (Hons) or General(Gen). Had this happened, it would have been so much easier for Art Students to register for four optional credits or eight optional credits respectively.

Many students did not know that for Honours (Hons) one would have to opt for 4 ects. ASA assumes that it was the faculty’s office responsibility to announce students on some procedures before registering.  Consequently, the process did not run smoothly for the lot. It created unnecessary confusion in our students’ minds and, in some cases, insecurity about their courses.  Moreover students expressed the wish to have their respective course programme published online, so that it would be much easier and flexible to register. On a last note, some students did not receive all of their results.  This has naturally led to more confusion on what to do.

ASA hopes that in the upcoming academic year these problems would be minimized or, far better, abolished.  In this way we can ensure minimization of complaints, stability and security within our faculty staff and students.

Karl Littlejohn, ASA PRO.

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