Letter to the Faculty of Arts

To whom it may concern,

In a matter of a few weeks this is the second time that ASA is writing on behalf of its faculty of Arts students. In the past days our Association has received quite a number of student complaints regarding the registration of study units, particularly second year students. ASA is utterly disappointed with how things are run within the faculty. This is our first time as executive members of ASA to face the beginning of a new academic year. None of us expected such disorder within our faculty.

During this week registration was open from the 25th of August. Students had to ensure their continuation as Arts students by registering for study units. A common complaint amongst students was that in the subsidiary area some departments limited students on the choice of their credits. Some of these credits are indirectly compulsory as students did not really have other alternatives.

In our opinion this shows a lack of communication within the faculty itself. In some departments lecturers advised students not to hand in the registration form yet. There are credits which are no longer offered and yet are listed as options for the students. Other credits are seen as insecure by many as the lecturer is ‘to be announced’, consequently these are very much less favoured as options. The question of availability from the lecturer’s part arises.

Finally, ASA would like all Study unit registration to be possible through esims in the upcoming years.

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