Master of Arts in ‘Literary Tradition and Popular Culture’

The Faculty of Arts is proud to announce the launching of an interdepartmental taught Master of Arts  in ‘Literary Tradition and Popular Culture,’ a full-time day programme which will run over 3 semesters and will start in October 2012. The first two semesters will consist of a taught component comprising six 10-ECTS credits units. During the third semester students will be required to write a dissertation under supervision. It is possible for full-time students to transfer to part-time study while they are writing their dissertation.

The entire programme will be taught in English and will also be offered on a part-time basis.

Popular culture in its increasingly varied contemporary manifestations draws immensely on literary tradition. The programme will seek to explore the complex engagement of these two conceptual categories with one another as well as their shared areas of theory and critique. In the process, a series of canonical and popular works will be studied as they are viewed and rewritten from several angles of interpretation, including non-traditional ones.

Seven different departments of the Faculty of Arts will offer lectures and seminars on the following key areas, among others: comparative literature, cultural theory, theory of literature, film and the literary canon, Biblical literature, modernist literature, postmodernist literature, the literature of the avant-garde, the aesthetics of decline, representations of the Mediterranean, the translation of canonical and popular texts.

The intent of this cutting-edge programme is to provide students with a unique opportunity to engage in a dialogical exchange on a vast array of comparative issues and to build a dynamic postgraduate community.

The course is not restricted to graduates of language and literature but welcomes Honours graduates (Second Class or better) as well as all those holding an Ordinary degree at Category II or better. Indeed it is designed to address the interests of students from different academic backgrounds.

A programme description and further details on admission requirements may be found at:

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The online application is available at:

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ASA: Let’s Hear From You

ASA: let's hear from you

ASA invites YOU students to come and speak with us, on anything regarding campus life … Do you have any suggestions, complaints or maybe any feedback that you would like to share with us? Now you have an added opportunity to contact us. We want to hear what you have to say, about your course, about our organisation, and anything that has been bugging you!
L-ASA tixtieq tistieden lill-istudenti tal-Fakultà ta’ l-Arti biex isemmgħu leħinhom. Għandkom xi suġġerimenti jew preokkupazzjonijiet li tixtiequ twasslu? Issa għandkom iċ-ċans li tiltaqgħu magħna ! Aħna nixtiequ nisimgħu s-suġġerimenti kemm fuq il-kors tagħkom kif ukoll dwar l-ASA stess. Voldierii, jekk hemm xi haġa li qed iddejjaqkom, jew xi haġa li tixtiequ mill-ASA, ħudu din l-opportunità biex titkellmu magħna.

Call for Subcommittees

This year ASA shall bring a number of events to strengthen its link to you students, but we need your help to do this.

We are seeking students who would like to help us achieve our targets, by joining us in our subcommittees.

These subcommittees are the following:

– Events Subcommittee

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– Financial Office Subcommittee

We are also seeking students who would like to help us in proof-reading texts for our magazine Agora. (Either to proof-read texts in Maltese, or texts in English.)

Those interested in joining any of these subcommittees, or are willing to help in any other way, do not hesitate to contact us on