Letter to the Faculty of Arts

To whom it may concern,

In a matter of a few weeks this is the second time that ASA is writing on behalf of its faculty of Arts students. In the past days our Association has received quite a number of student complaints regarding the registration of study units, particularly second year students. ASA is utterly disappointed with how things are run within the faculty. This is our first time as executive members of ASA to face the beginning of a new academic year. None of us expected such disorder within our faculty.

During this week registration was open from the 25th of August. Students had to ensure their continuation as Arts students by registering for study units. A common complaint amongst students was that in the subsidiary area some departments limited students on the choice of their credits. Some of these credits are indirectly compulsory as students did not really have other alternatives.

In our opinion this shows a lack of communication within the faculty itself. In some departments lecturers advised students not to hand in the registration form yet. There are credits which are no longer offered and yet are listed as options for the students. Other credits are seen as insecure by many as the lecturer is ‘to be announced’, consequently these are very much less favoured as options. The question of availability from the lecturer’s part arises.

Finally, ASA would like all Study unit registration to be possible through esims in the upcoming years.

ASA press release about the National Library

L-ASA tixtieq tilmenta dwar is-servizz li huwa mogħti mil-librerija nazzjonali. F’dawn l-aħħar ġimgħat l-ASA irċeviet bosta ilmenti minn xi student Universitarji. Fost dawn l-ilmenti, l-iktar li jispikkaw kienu, li m’hemmx biżżejjed ‘staff’ filwaqt li l-ftit li hemm ma jidhrux li huma kwalifikati għal dan ix-xogħol. Għal din l-aħħar sena wkoll ma kienx hemm ‘head librarian’. Ilment ieħor kien li hemm sistema li mhijiex effiċjenti biżżejjed fil-Melitensia u fl-emeroteka. Hemm każijiet fejn ktieb huwa mniżżel taħt indiċi iżda jinsab f’kategorija oħra.

L-ASA temmen li f’post bħal-librerija Nazzjonali għandha tingħata iktar importanza. Dan għaliex aħna nemmnu li hawn jinstabu dokumenti li għamlu parti kbira mill-istorja ta’ pajjiżna. Barra minn hekk is-servizz offrut qiegħed ixekkel l-istudji ta’ ħafna studenti Universitarji, kif ukoll studji u riċerka ta’ professjonijiet oħra.

Karl Littlejohn

The National Library

The Arts Student’s Association wishes to complain about the service currently being given by the National Library. In the past weeks, ASA has received numerous complaints from university students. Amongst these complaints, individuals argued that it is under-staffed and that they are not well qualified for the job. For the past year, the position of head librarian was also absent. Other complaints include the inefficient systems at the Melitensia and the Emeroteka and in some cases book indexes do not match the shelf categories.

ASA believes that such National Library should be given more importance as it contains documents which have shaped our history. At present, the service being offered to many university students and professionals is not up-to-scratch and as a result, is making their research more difficult to conduct.

Karl Littlejohn

Letter to the Faculty of Arts

To whom it may concern,

The Arts Students Association (ASA) feels concerned on how things were tackled for those promoted second year students within the Faculty of Arts.  Online registration confused some students.  During the past few weeks we have received an amount of complaints from students when enrolling registration on e-sims.  Many students felt that it was better that they first choose whether they are going to continue their studies as Honours (Hons) or General(Gen). Had this happened, it would have been so much easier for Art Students to register for four optional credits or eight optional credits respectively.

Many students did not know that for Honours (Hons) one would have to opt for 4 ects. ASA assumes that it was the faculty’s office responsibility to announce students on some procedures before registering.  Consequently, the process did not run smoothly for the lot. It created unnecessary confusion in our students’ minds and, in some cases, insecurity about their courses.  Moreover students expressed the wish to have their respective course programme published online, so that it would be much easier and flexible to register. On a last note, some students did not receive all of their results.  This has naturally led to more confusion on what to do.

ASA hopes that in the upcoming academic year these problems would be minimized or, far better, abolished.  In this way we can ensure minimization of complaints, stability and security within our faculty staff and students.

Karl Littlejohn, ASA PRO.

Music and the Maltese Language

Il-Mużika u l-lingwa Maltija.

L-Assoċjazzjoni tal-istudenti tal-Arti(ASA) hi ikkonċernata dwar is-settur tal-mużika f’pajjiżna. Aħna nemmnu li l-lingwa Maltija għandha ħafna kontribut x’tagħti, u dan mhux inqas fil-Mużika. B’hekk aħna nappoġġjaw l-inizjattiva biex jerġa jibda jittella’ l-festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija. Bħala għaqda ta’ studenti responsabbli mill-istudju fl-arti u anke bħala ċittadini Maltin, aħna rridu li l-lingwa Maltija u kull ħaga li tagħmilna Maltin bħal kultura u d- drawwiet għandhom jingħataw iktar importanza. L-artist lokali jrid ikun iktar rikonoxxut biex itella l-ħiliet tiegħu fil-pubbliku, iżda nemmnu li jrid ikun hemm sistema ta’ kwalifikazzjoni għall-Artisti ħalli x-xogħol ikun iktar professjonali u jikkompeti sew ma’ ta’ barra.

Karl Littlejohn
Music and the Maltese Language

The Arts Students’ Association is deeply concerned about the music sector in our country. We firmly believe in the valid contribution that the Maltese language can give even in such sector. With this in
mind, we would like to show our full support to the recent initiative in trying to revive the Maltese Song Festival. As a student organisation within the artistic field, and as Maltese citizens, we
want all the factors that make us Maltese, such as the language, culture and traditions to be given greater importance. The local artist must be aided in all possible ways so as to publicly
demonstrate his abilities and be further recognized nationwide. Having said this, however, we believe that there must be some sort of classification system for artists, which will effectively increase the
professionalism and standard of local work.

Karl Littlejohn


ASA updates regarding Youth in Action and Lifelong learning

Dear members,

A press release about the suspension of Erasmus grants from the European Commission was published by ASA


ASA has signed the petition regarding the Youth in Action and Life-Long Learning Programmes and yesterday it was presented to MPs at 5:45


ASA is also fully supporting the initiative being taken by KSU and KNZ in sending a letter to the European Commission with regards the suspension of the Youth In Action and Life-Long Learning Programmes http://www.ksu.org.mt

On the other hand, KSU are currently trying to gather more information. ASA is encouraging those students who wish to go on Erasmus, to visit KSU website


and fill in the feedback form available. ASA will continue to inform about any further updates.

Regards ASA Executive

Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning

The Arts Students’ Association wishes to express its deep concern with regards to the news of the temporary suspension of Malta by the European Commission from the eligibility to certain funds which are key and vital for the betterment of education. Such will negatively affect a number of individual students and student organizations.

Erasmus, part of an EU programme which is deeply popular amongst university students including students within the faculty of arts being a mobility programme forms part of these funds and hence is directly impacted. The resultant impact being thus far a notice to prospective outgoing Erasmus students that their ‘golden opportunity’ is on hold.

It would be here worth mentioning that ever since Malta acceded to the European Union six years ago the number of Maltese students taking up the chance to go on an Erasmus exchange have increased, particularly within the Faculty of Arts. ASA believes that such incidents will in no way serve or aid such further positive results.

ASA thus augurs that the necessary action is taken and that Malta is duly restored with regards to these funds. ASA believes that such is a matter both of national pride but perhaps more importantly as a matter of students rights.

Dean’s List

The Faculty of Arts recently held its Dean’s List Award Ceremony.  The Dean of the Faculty, Professor Dominic Fenech, presented the awards to the following students, in the presence of Professor Juanito Camilleri, University Rector and representatives of the Bank of Valletta, sponsors of the award: Ms Simone Azzopardi (B.A. (Hons) History); Ms Christine Marissa Cassar (B.A. (Hons) Sociology); Mr Jurgen Gatt (B.A. (Hons) Classics) and Mr Andrea Pace (B.A. (Hons) Geography).

Professor Fenech warmly congratulated the four students and explained how the very stringent conditions of the Dean’s List allowed only the very best to feature in it. Indeed, whereas students, in order to qualify for inclusion in the Dean’s List, were required to obtain ‘A’ grades in at least 80 credits during the first two years of their course, all four students this year had obtained well over 100 credits at ‘A’ grade.

The branch manager of Bank of Valletta on Campus, Mr Odilon Scerri, expressed his pride and satisfaction that his bank had been sponsoring the award for the past 14 years.

The Rector added his congratulations for the students’ outstanding performance, observing that students with such level of achievement were the pride of the University.  He assured the students of his full personal support if they wished to further their academic pursuits. He noted that the example of the Arts Faculty was increasingly being followed by other faculties.

The Faculty of Arts would like to publicly thank the Bank of Valletta for sponsoring the award