Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning

The Arts Students’ Association wishes to express its deep concern with regards to the news of the temporary suspension of Malta by the European Commission from the eligibility to certain funds which are key and vital for the betterment of education. Such will negatively affect a number of individual students and student organizations.

Erasmus, part of an EU programme which is deeply popular amongst university students including students within the faculty of arts being a mobility programme forms part of these funds and hence is directly impacted. The resultant impact being thus far a notice to prospective outgoing Erasmus students that their ‘golden opportunity’ is on hold.

It would be here worth mentioning that ever since Malta acceded to the European Union six years ago the number of Maltese students taking up the chance to go on an Erasmus exchange have increased, particularly within the Faculty of Arts. ASA believes that such incidents will in no way serve or aid such further positive results.

ASA thus augurs that the necessary action is taken and that Malta is duly restored with regards to these funds. ASA believes that such is a matter both of national pride but perhaps more importantly as a matter of students rights.